RCMP Dancers Halifax, Nova ScotiaThe RCMP "H" Division Highland Dance Troupe is comprised of experienced dancers, most of whom have earned their 'Premiere Dancer' designation after years of dedicated training and practice. Like the members of the Pipes & Drums, all the dancers are volunteers.

The Dance Troupe performs with the Pipes & Drums at concerts, Tattoos, ceremonies and other special events. In addition to the traditional Scottish Highland dances, the troupe also has choreographed their own numbers.

The troupe wears a variety of costumes when performing. Most often they can be seen in their white dresses with blue bodice and RCMP tartan sashes, but depending on the nature of the dance, they may wear the traditional 'kilt and vest' for dances like the Highland Fling or Sword Dance, the 'Aboyne' for any of the National Dances, the 'Sailor's square rig' for the Sailor's Hornpipe, or an Irish Jig costume.

The Dance Troupe practices on a regular basis, with some variable scheduling depending on the events scheduled and the dancers' other commitments.

The Dance Troupe is a component of the “H” Division Mounted Police Pipes & Drums Society (a non-profit association) and is led by the troupe’s two Head Dancers, Aileen Davis and Tina Gripton. They are responsible for auditioning applicants, arranging choreography and training the dancers. The Dance Troupe leadership works closely with the Pipe Major to select the most pleasing dances and music for our audiences.

The Dance Troupe provides its members with:

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